International Deaf Awareness Week

September 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Still scene from CCAC film, international people speak about needing captioning

In honor of all our members outside of the USA, let’s cheer for all who helped us create the CCAC film (see below for the link), and also today, for this inclusive video from Belgium – and happy to see people who are “different” in politics too! The world can use more of our combined abilities:

For folks in the USA and who are online, there’s a lot to read. For one example, good friends in the SayWhatClub are posting information everyday, with their own special energies for advocacy and sharing, e.g. see:
CCAC’s focus is…anyone not know?…captioning in all places we need it. Not only for “deaf/hoh” but also for millions more who use it for learning and language differences.
May we all find ways to communicate better and better, every day, among our different groups, and with others too.
(P.S. for this week, if you are so inclined, share the CCAC film again with your networks, invite discussions, using this link,; please watch the credits at the close of the film also, those folks are good to know!)
Not a CCAC member yet? Join from the web,
Not interested in joining? Support the CCAC mission with a donation of any size. CCAC is an official non-profit organization, and donations are tax-exempt in the USA.
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