The Best 6 Political Campaign Ads of the Summer (So Far)

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How Totally Wonderful that TIME has added Quality Captioning for these political ads! Thank you TIME! Tell the candidates that their ads on their own webpages have no access! No quality cc for millions of voters. We invite your interest in this non-partisan campaign called “Captions Capture the Votes!” – Read more here:
(Candidate in ME – only this one is cc’d of course since only Signing is used – by the way, 99% of deaf/deafeend/hoh do not use sign language – we use captioning, the world’s language.)

Originally posted on TIME:

These are the dog days of election year politics. The fields are mostly set, and the final battle is still too far away to matter much. Plus, who wants to think about politics in summer? The answer: The campaign ad makers. Political Mad Men have no problem working the heat into their spots, or doing even better by making political spots so compelling we can’t look away even when we would rather be swimming.

So without further ado, here is our take on 2014’s top 6 political ads of the summer, so far.

6.”Sunshine” – Charlie Crist, Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida
[time-brightcove videoid=3670878484001]

Charlie Crist pays homage to the sunshine state of Florida through this ad’s theme. The high-quality video clearly outlines what Crist accomplished in his last term and what his goals are should he be reelected, which gives viewers a clear picture of what this candidate…

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Walking Live Captioning – Americans in London Town (UK)

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Saying a special “well done” to the professional live captioning provider (Darlene) and the University of Washington for the support they are giving to a student who is studying abroad (in London) this semester. How great to have communication access needed for class, theater, and walking tours!



Does your student need captioning? Ask for it.

Do you want some encouragement or more information?

Join the CCAC – the place for captioning advocacy.

Caption Universally! Logo for Lots of You!

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To use on your blogs please, newsletters, websites, signatures, and profiles. CCAC has this mission for almost five years – Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally! That’s what we ask for every day, hundreds of us:

CCAC Logo with words Caption Universally

Need a different format? Email anytime to

A member of the CCAC yet? If not, you are invited! See

Want to help with current captioning adovacy campaign? Here’s a good one –

Where do you need captioning now? This summer? Real Time Captioning too? Tell us more – June is a jumping month.


First Success of CCAC initiative “Captions Capture the Votes!” Candidate Cicotte in WA

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Captions Capture the Votes title-web-150px

After talking with the CCAC project called “CAPTIONS CAPTURE THE VOTES!” – read more on this link, – Candidate George Cicotte, 4th District  Congressional candidate in WA State, quickly updated his campaign video with quality captioning (instead of machine captions which are poor quality and not attractive).

He, with Scott’s help, are talking to us now about how to schedule a live event with quality real time captioning for all in the audience – we’ll keep you posted.

Why quality speech to text for all media and for public events too? For access, for equal communications, for the message of all candidates to reach all concerned voters. It’s as simple as that. Not only millions of people who have hearing loss or deafness, but also many more with different language backgrounds, use and rely on quality captioning.

Captions Capture the Votes is a non-partisan campaign. Candidates of both parties (Republican and Democrat) are contacted with the same message – we educate and advocate for equal communication access. Captioning is our language too.

Those candidates who reply to us and also update their media, and also plan at least one public event with real time captioning asap will be thanked in our many public networks, and that video will play on the CCAC YouTube Channel for up to 8 weeks.

Volunteers across the USA, CCAC members and others, are invited to join this captioning advocacy project now. As primaries are completed, it will become even more important for candidates to caption their campaigns – to get their own messages out to voters.

We all know that some are disenchanted with government. We know there is a lot of “partisan” bickering. We also know that candidates who care – in both parties – will listen to this need. We need captioning to make good choices. Voting is important.  And helping many more understand the need for quality captioning on media, and for public (and many private) everyday life things is very important too.

Captions Capture the Votes is a non-partisan campaign. We say public thanks to those candidates who hear our important message, and “action” equal access with quality captioning, here and at least in four other places (this blog, our membership online, social media with over 2000 friends on Facebook alone, other social media, news releases, and more).

Thanks again to Candidate George Cicotte in WA 4th District. See one of his videos here – click on it.

Contact other candidates soon. This project focuses on talking to all Congress (House) candidates, all hundreds of them if enough volunteers join the effort, and to Senate and Governor candidates in those States where elections are being held for those positions this year 2014 (over half the 50 states).

Carry on – care about quality communications – and captioning the message, on videos, and in live presentations and speeches. It’s the right thing to do!

Volunteers – please email soon to help –

Candidates – we are here with information and resources to help you “action” this ASAP. You will not regret it. Email soon.









Why Not Caption?

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Saying it like it is. Few write better than Michele:

Originally posted on SayWhatClub:


by Michele Linder

Here in the United States, we enjoy a high rate of captioning on television (though we still have our frustrations when we come across an exempt program or one where the rules have not been enforced), but New Zealand’s rate of public broadcasting captioning is less than 25%, a level well below some third world countries.  Unfortunately, you’ll find those who argue vehemently as to why a higher rate of captioning cannot be achieved.  You’ll even find people who make excuses as to why captioning shouldn’t be provided.


I was recently asked to write an article for Caption It New Zealand.  Below is the article which first appeared on their website:


Why wouldn’t you caption? “…when you look at the adverse effects of exclusion, and consider the very weighty costs to our society, clearly, the benefits of providing captioning far outweigh any monetary cost incurred to provide…

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Capture the Votes Campaign Update: Maine

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Today yours truly contacted the two candidates for Governor in Maine – the Republican and the Democrat.

One replied right away saying they caption all their TV ads. We replied right away and said:

a. TV is good. We are also asking for quality cc on all videos – on their media online. We pointed to their video on the candidate’s campaign site  – it had only poor quality automatic YouTube cc. We asked them to update that and correct it ASAP and if they did so, to tell us. When they tell us, we’ll give national recognition to them here!

b. We also told them the campaign is asking for Real Time Captioning of the candidates’ live public events. We suggested that if they need more information for that, just to ask us. And we told them if they did that soon, and informed us, they’d be the first in the USA to do this in response to our campaign, and we’d give the national thanks.

Step by step – whom are you contacting in your State today? Governor, Senate, or House candidates? 

Please cc to us when you do – cc to or cc to

Get the message? Step by step – we will make a difference with your help.


We are merely asking for equal communication access. It’s the law.


Senate Races in 2014 – Captions Capture the Votes

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There are 33 Senate contests in the USA this election year – some with primaries.

Here’s a good resource to find out if your state is on the list, and if yes, the names of the Candidates:,_2014

uncle sam says we need you

Contact them to ask that they caption all their media starting now, and all their live events too.

Need help? Email,_2014


Florida, Illinois, Texas and 47 Other States Invited!

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The CAPTIONS CAPTURE THE VOTES campaign is a good one for this important election year 2014 all across the USA. Other countries are interested in our campaign also now, and we invite the to piggy-back on us!

Flyer for all Candidates and Voters

HERE is what we are asking all voters to do – you! Not too hard!

1. Think about forming a small team for your State – yourself and 2 others. Or even alone, you are invited to be a State Team Leader with the CCAC volunteers helping along the way. Email us to tell us you are in –

2. Next, find the list of candidates in your State. There are several websites to do this. Need help? Email us.

Those are the two simple first steps. Our eyes are open for your interest and participation in any ways that work for you. Please email us soon.

AND – Send this blog to your candidates, or the Flyer above, or both. Thanks if you do!


We hope some of your constituency contacts you soon with information about our campaign. We are asking all candidates to use quality captioning (subtitles) on all media (TV and Internet) and also to use real time captioning (also called CART or RTC or Text Interpreting) for all public events.

There are 48 million Americans with hearing loss or deafness now. Younger voters too! If you want to get your message out to all, including people with language differences, use captioning.

We will publish your name if you do this, and distribute your cooperation widely to many networks.

We are all volunteer citizen advocates. Talk to us soon please.

Equal communication access is the law of the land – don’t wait to be asked again, do it now.

More information here:

And here:

Need help? Email







The irony within the irony.

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The irony within the irony..

Re blogging this one – enjoy!

Subtitles – with quality needed!

It’s “inadmissible” any other way.

We the people.



Quality Real Time Captioning in the Court

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A new article or blog of interest to many – following up our meeting the Silent Grapevine project:

Chuck Ray is one of the only trial judges in the world that is Deaf. He was an attorney in Anchorage, Alaska when he lost his hearing in 2007. His hearing loss had been gradual but he didn’t quite consider the changes he might have to make when he lost his hearing completely.  A newly deaf person at 50 years old often faces obstacles that they don’t expect but Judge Ray took them into stride and decided against retirement. Instead, he decided that he would try to continue to practice law. This decision was not without some concerns.

How would he be able to interact with others in the court room? Would clients and/or other attorneys have issues with him and would there be any possible accommodations for him to help make it possible to continue. Fortunately for him, he learned how to lipread and while learning that skill, Judge Ray discovered something called Real Time Captioning.

Usually Real Time Captioning is used for sworn oath but for Judge Ray he gets a word for word play by of everything that is going on in his court room. When a new seat had opened on the Bethel bench in 2012, he decided to submit his application. Out of four submitted applications that had been forwarded to the Governor, Sean Parnell, his was highlighted by the Judical Council as one of the best submissions.

His deafness didn’t stop him from getting this job and the Governor has said that spending money on his accommodations is worth it for the right person. The initial set up for Real Time Captioning was $456,800 and 365,000 for each year afterwards. This hefty price tag covers $90-140 an hour for real time captionists in the court room, their transportation, lodging, and food. Often these captionists are coming from either California or Nevada and come out on two week rotations.

In order for a person to become a highly qualified captionist, they must obtain a certification. To obtain that certification, they must be able to type 200 wpm with 96% accuracy. This enables the Judge to get information in real time rather than waiting. Many lawyers and individuals that have seen the inside of Judge Ray’s Court room have been amazed at how they forget he’s deaf and his ability to keep up with what’s going on without any trouble. The biggest reason other than the Real Time Captioning is also because Judge Ray is still able to communicate verbally with his attorneys in the courtroom. 

Sources are: KTUU ,Current Alaska Judges  Photo from Court Records of Alaska

CCAC here: Many reading may know that “Courts/Justice” is one of the ten CCAC “Categories of Life” – you will see it listed on the CCAC membership form when you join us. Please do join the CCAC now if you have not yet done so! Every member has access to the CCAC members’ forum and a lot of good “first” information too.

Go to HTTP://CCACAPTIONING.ORG -the website for the organization (you are reading the CCAC blog here, not the website) – and find the tab to become a member. We’ll welcome you!

(Readers – we are checking with the author now about the set up costs. It would be helpful to many to know more, in a general way, of the items adding up to that figure (mics, monitors, and other items). We know that some other qualified and experienced professionals (e.g. physician specialists) also travel to Alaska to provide services, and expertise is costly. We’ll update the information here as it is received. Update: the figures are in the news story here – Now we understand better too – it’s essentially the annual cost plus equipment (we are guessing) for the first year. As the State says, expertise is worth it!)

The article above has been republished from The Silent Grapevine (TSG) with permission. Mary Pat Withem is the lead reporter and you can contact her at for further information or clarification on any of the information, sources, or for links to her work.

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