Success in “Captions Capture the Votes” in Oregon, thanks Rep. Sara Gelser!

August 25, 2014 § 3 Comments

CCAC volunteers have been working for months to educate, raise awareness, and advocate for QUALITY CAPTIONING to be used for all the many election year 2014 campaign ads on the Internet, and we also advocate for a live campaign event with live captioning for all in the audience.

Watch this especially popular one – all for a good cause:

We are happy to say thanks today to one candidate – as follows:

THANK YOU STATE REP. SARA GELSER  (Sara Acres Gelser) for inclusion of quality captioning! We count this as a  campaign video online since you are in the middle of a re-election campaign in the great state of Oregon!

Your video with good CAPTIONING is partially due to the CCAC campaign, Captions Capture the Votes) and our friends in Oregon e.g. Karen Brockett, and our conversations with you. 

We know you understand the needs of people with differences and our rights for access and inclusion.

Dear Representative Sara – we wish all candidates in every State followed your example. If you have a live event with live CAPTIONING or need help to arrange it get in touch. Best wishes for your campaign in Oregon.

Cheers Lauren/CCAC

JOIN and support the one and only CCAC – go to to learn more. We are hundreds of citizen advocates, all volunteers, who know the value and vitality of quality captioning (subtitles, speech-to-text) – the world’s language! if you care to pour some ice or warm water over your head and also make a contribution to the CCAC, thanks if you do!


August 9, 2014 § 4 Comments

CAPTIONING – there are many ways to shout about the vitality and necessity and wonderfulness of captioning – yet we continue to meet people that really don’t know what we are talking about!  Honestly – they are not sure what it is….


WE continue to search for phrases that will catch attention e.g Captioning Communicates or Captioning Captures the Words.  This is our newest! Captioning is an eye-opener!

SOME friends and others talk only about “subtitles” for movies and television. Some know that captions are very similar to subtitles, and some know that we need them on all Internet media now also (all videos).

SOME have read about “live” or “realtime” captioning – or “speech-to-text” yet have never yet seen it live – have no local place to see RTC (also called CART, CART Captioning, Text Interpreting and also STTR in various different counties) in action.

WHO are these “some” and “we” we’re part of and concerned about? Mega-millions globally! We need quality captioning for access and inclusion due to hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus, different learning styles, visual learners, language learners, for translations globally, and for many others who prefer quality captioning in all noisy situations (e.g. sports bars) and also in quiet situations (medical center waiting rooms with the TV on all the time). Mega-millions!

LET”S hear your story –

WHERE and why and when do you have the captions on? Where was the first time you saw live captioning?

CAPTIONING is an eye-opener! Why? It brings us back into communications and relationships – that’s life and that’s what is healthy for all.



Must Read! Hearing folks tell CCAC how they use Captioning!

June 18, 2014 Comments Off

  • CCAC is a captioning advocacy group!

    Must read! all the replies to this posting so far, see below and add yours:

    Did you know? 80% of people using closed captions had no hearing impairment at all. Why captioning makes good sense for everyone.

    Did You Know? 80 Percent of People Who Use Closed Captions Have No Hearing Impairment – see report on this link –

    JOIN the CCAC – tell the world to Caption Universally! invites you

    REMINDER: Captioning not only for TV – for All Media Online! and for millions, realtime Captioning, live, requried for conferences, meetings, webinars, school, work, and more – theater, lectures, social events…it can be done! Important to ask for it and ask again. Need help? Join the CCAC.

Why Caption?

April 27, 2014 § 1 Comment

Why Caption? It’s the language of mega-millions of people globally.  It really is!



The Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning, the CCAC,  sees several new energies interested in the value of captioning inclusion – among many individuals, non-profits and commercial ventures as well, since the CCAC was created in December 2009.  By this December of 2014, with five years of volunteers’ efforts, it seems that the world may be learning much more and catching up with the CCAC mission!

CCAC Mission – Inclusion of Quality Captioning Universally.

Of course it’s not only due to the CCAC, not at all. For about three decades, good folks and other groups have asked for the same, in different ways, on different levels, for different things, and with varying degrees of “loudness” and some good success also!

CCAC, the Mother Organization of Captioning Advocacy. First and still unique due to (a) sole focus on captioning education, raising awareness, and captioning advocacy, (b) all volunteers, (c) official non-profit organization, and (d) doing advocacy locally, nationally, and internationally. Saluting our membership, friends, and all who nourish so many others also striving to caption the world for equality and inclusion.

CCAC, created at the end of 2009, achieved 501(c)(3) status in 2012-2013, now with hundreds of actual members, thousands more on social media, and welcoming new members and supporters regularly.

We invite all others, individuals and groups, to join and work with the CCAC – together, a vision of a captioned world may become a reality faster, sooner, in our lifetimes!

Say it any way you like – caption the world,  billions word march, one word at a time, subtitles rock, we love captioning, speech-to-text is next, text interpreting is inclusion, caption everything, caption up, caption access, subtitles now, communication access, captioning is action, you get the idea :-).

Captioning communicates. The CCAC – The place to be for Captioning Advocacy. Your membership is invited. If you care about equality, and captioning for all, join us. Go to the CCAC webpages to read more, and then click here:




You are invited! Your voice counts!


April 17, 2014 Comments Off


Volunteers in all states invited! We have some super volunteers in a few states already – we need you also please. A few minutes a day will make a huge difference, not only for the CCAC mission of inclusion of quality captioning universally, but also for this election year 2014 across the USA.

Read updated information in two places:

1. The webpage for the campaign:

Tell us what other information you need. Email to

2. The social media Facebook page for the campaign: add your voice here –

Why? Informed voting is the best sort of voting. You want to know what the candidates are saying, all of them. You have a hearing difference, or a language difference, or you just know that reading the words in any large setting is going to be catch- as- catch- can for you (noisy background, lack of microphone, can’t see the candidate due to tall folks in front of you!). We hope you, yes you,  ask for Real Time Captioning (CART) today, from the candidates.

hand at voting machine and 3 languages shown, English, Chinese, Spanish

Best to ask both Republican and also the Democrat candidate in your State please – for all or one office in a contest for Senate, Governor, or House.

All states have elections in November for the House. There may be primaries between now and the summer. Some states also have Senate races, and Governor races. Let us know which candidates you are contacting.

Need help to get started? No problem, email us. Read the pages above for more information too.

Voting is important – your voice counts, and your participation in this advocacy will be appreciated!

Any questions? – non-profit, all volunteer, join us, or not, get involved in this campaign for communication access and inclusion – with your participation, we’ll move forward in many good ways.

CAPTIONS CAPTURE THE VOTES campaign is asking candidates to use quality captioning on all media (this means all videos on the Internet too), and for at least one public event also. First 10 candidates to show us that quality campaign video – we’ll publish it on the CCAC YouTube Channel. Tell them. First candidate to show us a public event with real time captioning, we’ll distribute kudos to that candidate widely among huge interested circles.

Capture the Votes Campaign Update: Oregon & Massachusetts

April 12, 2014 Comments Off

The campaign is lucky to have Karen B in Oregon and Felicity L in Massachusetts for our non-partisan efforts! For example, they have already contacted several candidates in those two states, and Karen will copy the campaign flyer to distribute at a public event (not captioned unfortunately) locally this weekend. Thank you Karen and Felicity! Feel free to add more information about yourself below in comments, and about your state efforts.

Oregon, Washington State, and near by states in the north-west of the USA are not heavily populated, compared to, say, California. yet they are very important for the campaign – intelligent voters! Long history of valuable public servants too.  Ditto for Massachusetts! A small state with a long American history!

If you would like to help Karen or Felicity in any way, please comment below with your name and email address.


One chore is to find direct email addresses for candidates. Our focus is national (rather than local candidates) – for House and Senate, and also Governor contests. Local legislatures are of course very important also – contacting those candidates is optional.



Voting is a right and privilege.  Let’s set good examples for our children and future generations by asking for what we need, and by advocating for equal communication access now!


Hear this:

We are all aiming to get a reply ASAP from a candidate in any state that says something like this:

“Yes! Your campaign is a great idea. It’s helped me understand how important voter access to information is, and how captioning will capture my message! My TV ads are already captioned. My vidoes online have automatic cc now yet we must edit and correct those ASAP. We will notify you! And we plan to arrange live captioning (CART) for a public campaign event on (the date here in April or May or June). Thanks for the push!”

Who will be the first? What state do you think she or he will be in? We’ll be able to thank the volunteers also, perhaps Karen B, or Felicity, or Lauren S, or others working behind the scenes now! We’ll be sure to shout about that first candidate nationally – you know we can do it!

Read more today on

Participate! or to communicate with us.


















Who wants to be in pictures? For Capture the Votes!

April 9, 2014 Comments Off

Calling for submissions for a ONE MINUTE video for the “Captions Capture the Votes!” campaign.

Create a video, a slide video, a cartoon video – a song video for telling candidates across the USA we want captioning access – we need communication access with quality captions for their media and for their live events too.

Read about the campaign here:

lights, with directors_chair

Interview an older voter with hearing loss?

Find a candidate who agrees with us and is “actioning”  captining…

Film a selfie with your best one minute message for the campaign?

Become a star for us – send it to us soon!



Let’s talk soon!





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