Why CART is a good idea!

September 7, 2010 Comments Off on Why CART is a good idea!

From a CCAC Member, about requesting CART:

The benefit (of providing CART for anyone requesting it) is often to a larger group than will admit they need CART. Training programs are often plagued by bad audio. No realtime transcriptions. Audience members for whom English isn’t their first language.

…How many people enjoying the captioning on the TVs at the gym or in a crowded bar?

How much does this help non-native English speakers to understand television (television in any language is one of the hardest things for a non-native speaker to understand, the language is spoken much faster, with far more colloquialisms.)

And with a population that is aging — and often unwilling to admit hearing loss — having captioning provided as a matter of course benefits an even greater number than those “1 or 2” that actually step forward to ask for accommodations.

And wheel chair ramps are a great example of unintended benefits — my mother with her bad knees appreciates those curb cuts, me when walking to the grocery store and coming back with my food cart — these all make the city more accessible and easier to navigate and improve walkability far beyond wheelchair users.

(Same true for inclusion of real time captioning.)

Accessibility — wherever it’s implemented — is an improvement that benefits far beyond the original audience.

As a web designer the discussion has been on the accessible web … And how that growth in online accessibility has vastly improved online experiences over the last 10 years: the so-called Web 2.0 is at its core about improved interoperability, improved access. And everyone has benefited.

CART and captioning is no different.



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