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September 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

CART stands for “Communication Access Real Time Translation,” a mouthful. It is, simply said, real-time captioning.

And indeed – it may be closer to, or just as close to, “interpretation” rather than “translation.”

CCAC wonders if there would be a lot less confusion about CART and captioning for millions who need it, if it were called interpretation (rather than translation).

Here’s the rationale:
Translation is about creating text from one language to another (written language).
Interpretation is about creating text from spoken language.

CART creates text (language) from spoken language, so it could just as easily be termed interpretation.

And sign language “interpreters” are actually “translators” because they are translating from one language (e.g. English) to another (ASL).

If you have time to think about this, you’ll see that both interpretation and translation fit both services – real time captioning, and also real time signing.

CCAC wonders if one word, INTERPRETATION would be best for both services from here forward.

Go figure, words! šŸ™‚



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  • Yes, CART is in essence a translation system… and it could be offered in various languages. Speaker in one language, bilingual CART provider typing in same or another language as per the needs of the audience.

    I do believe that development of new professional paths for translators and transcribers must be encouraged to learn and find ways to cooperate with existing monolingual CART providers and serve this niche.

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