Hear this! CCAC members current advocacy….

October 29, 2010 Comments Off on Hear this! CCAC members current advocacy….

1. WEDU in Florida is getting the message – caption those videos please. Thanks to BC in Sarasota.

And from MG:
2. Car dealer waiting room tv told to turn on cc – why not? 🙂
3. Love this one: In doctor’s office – tv running documentaries of several conditions – no capti – asked for them and they said “absolutely” – good!
4. A big steakhouse in Miami – several tv’s on – asked waiter for the captions and they went ahead and set them up; said they never thought of it.
5. Wrote to new candidate for mayor in one town – he loved the idea and wishes to discuss this further; asked him to caption commission meetings and city channel also. So important for good government!
6. Blockbusters and FCC – filed a formal complaint with the FCC online because a 2010 release movie did not have closed captions. FCC answered that DVDS are not included under the law. Pays to complain!

Kudos to all who ask for and encourage inclusion of captioning for so many people.
We want your examples too! Join the CCAC on the website, then you can tell us more in the CCAC members’ forum online.




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