What is a Blog for?

December 10, 2010 § 3 Comments

Our CCAC blog is not political – except that life is! Our blog is to share information about advocacy for inclusion of quality captioning universally – there is so much more to do! Make noise with us.  We are all volunteers, individuals, consumers and providers – collaborating in group aims and projects.

Why another group? Established organizations with paid staff (most) do a heck of a great job – all the time. Yet there is no other organization with our one focus – other organizations have wider constituencies (e.g. all disabilities), or broader goals (all resources for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss).

CCAC has one focus – while it also builds bridges among members of all those other groups – and CCAC emphasizes our abilities – shouts about inclusion of quality real time speech to text – because it’s important. Millions and more millions of people in the USA, and in the world, need captioning for full inclusion and for healthy living.

It’s also complicated. Why is it complicated? Let me list some of the ways:

a. Text to speech seems to be technically easier – more advanced. That is for people with vision needs. Some confuse this all the time. Text to speech is not speech to text.

b. All hearing loss (and deafness) is different – we have so many different audiograms, and we also live and work in so many different environments.

c. Automatic speech to text systems have come a long ways in – what? – past ten years? Yet none can give us accurate real time speech to text for many voices – we want to push further technical development, any way we can.

d. We are told there are complaints about captioning when it is provided, of all sorts! Some of this is nonsense, and when it’s not – we’ll find solutions together, okay? We all deserve equal communication access.

e. There are complaints about cost – yet, life costs – we all can figure out how to include captioning solutions! Professional captioners and speech to text Providers are our lifeline to human communications – they need our support also.

f. CCAC has proved it’s worth over it’s very first year. Join the CCAC, review our Member discussions, and it’ll be obvious. The CCAC is needed, and perhaps this new Blog too :-). Let’s hear from you here.

Lauren/founder, CCAC

http://www.ccacaptioning.org is the place to fill our the membership form, thanks!



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