Filing comments for government, gnashing teeth!

December 13, 2010 Comments Off on Filing comments for government, gnashing teeth!

Newer advocates sometimes get very confused! We are advised to file comments to explain what we need for equal access – to the FCC, to the DOJ, to other groups – and it is all alphabet soup with number puzzles for us at times.

Best to take a deep breath, keep trying, and eventually, success! Our esteemed disability organizations try their best  – to give us the websites and more. For some foggy reason, it’s all pea soup until one persists.

Today, we suggest this if you are really interested in supporting equal communication access for all:

Go to to see the four topics that are asking for comments (we think it’s the DOJ, yet DOJ is not in the url as you can see) – then, e.g.

Click on the first topic pertaining to Movie Captioning – say your piece on the page that opens. Good luck.

The CCAC submitted a comment suggesting ALL movies have captioning for all for all performances. Why not? Millions of us find special visual and sound effects uncomfortable (yes, many of we deaf, deafened, and those with hearing loss can hear some sounds, and some are quite painful in fact). Why not have others get used to captioning? Not hard to do!

Lauren/founder of the CCAC



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