Pioneers in Theater Captioning and going strong

December 13, 2010 § 2 Comments

Do you all know about c2? See the website, see if your area is to have a captioned theater performance soon!

C2 are pioneers in this service, and it’s so very important for many of us to have captions – real time! Full equal access for all. We are grateful to so many providers of captions, we need more.

In the UK, the company called Stagetext is also going strong!

And in the USA and other countries, other individuals can provide quality speech to text for theater, inquire to the ccac if  you desire.



§ 2 Responses to Pioneers in Theater Captioning and going strong

  • StageText do a great job here in the UK. I wrote about attending my first captioned play on my blog here. 🙂

  • ccacblog says:

    Dawn at iheartsubtitles,
    Wonderful report for us all on your blog.

    This is a really hot topic in our CCAC Members Group currently – for example, one CCAC member is doing good advocacy for an area she lives in that has not included theater captions ever before. The joy involved of being able to “clear the darkness” and make the sun shine with real time text for us, comes across, even with emails :-).

    She connected with a captioner, also a member of the CCAC where some good networking is happening.

    Stagetext in the UK also has some wonderful education on their own website.

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