We speak, we are able, and we want captions

December 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

This is new on the ADA government website in the USA – long yet worth watching!

Justice for all.

Public testimony for the DOJ, Chicago area, November 2010 – thanks to those who spoke for us there….


Online with good captions of course :-).



§ 2 Responses to We speak, we are able, and we want captions

  • Some great comments in favour of movie captioning. I can see that logistically providing captioning across cinemas in the USA is a massive task greater than that of the UK just from a sheer geographical perspective. But here is my two cents worth…

    The argument that pursuing captioning too fast might do more damage than good as argued by NATO is pretty weak in my opinion and it wasn’t elaborated on in the 5 minutes they had. I work in TV broadcast and as a comparison – yes the move from SD broadcast to HD is not a simple process but using that as an excuse not to provide HD would result in getting left behind – I fear that is exactly what has happened to cinema captioning and is exactly why tight deadlines should be imposed. Captioning has been around for ages, the technology is there to provide it whatever the format. Get on with it! The only exception I might make is for subtitling 3D movies because I believe a common standard for that is yet to be found? I might be wrong. Either way, last year the UK gave a subtitled cinema screening for the 3D release of A Christmas Carol so it can be done.

  • ccacblog says:

    to iheartsubtitles: almost same words in the CCAC comments filed with the DOJ the other day! i will reply to you in the CCAC Members Forum online also.

    good advocates think alike :-).

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