Captiview in Australia – Hear this:

December 30, 2010 Comments Off on Captiview in Australia – Hear this:

Please share this widely – movie captioning in Australia. The page welcomes comments.

Movie captioning is a hot topic all across the USA, all across the world. It is shocking to some citizens that movies and television do not yet have equal communication access for all by inclusion of a quality captioning system, for all programming. Those active in “deaf” issues are aware of advocacy in the USA, e.g. the current DOJ call for comments about what proportion of cinema showings need to include captions, and the DOJ had suggested another wait of 5 years! This is 20 years after the ADA in this country. What is the situation in your region? your country? is the link to become a member of the ccac (free; we want your support) is our blog here – comments invited



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