People First – and multiple identities

December 31, 2010 Comments Off on People First – and multiple identities

A hot topic – our multiple identities – our personhood – and sometimes quite a confrontational one. The CCAC encourages discussions, though our main goal is very focused – inclusion of quality captioning universally – it’s needed by millions in so many places still.

To accomplish the mission, CCAC aims to build bridges! All “identities” welcome, if the mission of the ccac interests you. Deaf? deafened? have a hearing loss? language difference? different learning style? Have a friend, family member, co-worker who needs captioning? Add yourself “in” to the CCAC to help us build more bridges in 2011.  We can all make beautiful “noise” together!

We are all people first – we need all options for communication – we created the CCAC since there is no other voluntary group to advocate for inclusion of quality captioning (that we know of) that is not selling services, and not advocating for many other resources also (all deaf, deafened, hearing loss, communication, language groups and others), or, are cross-disability groups that advocate for “access” for many differences (hearing, vision, mobility, and more). All good groups! And now the CCAC also needs your membership and support to continue in 2011 – year two of an exciting new project.

CCAC Membership form here:—fill-out-the-form

Happy New Year – May 2011 be your best year ever!



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