CART is captioning – you all know?

January 2, 2011 Comments Off on CART is captioning – you all know?

The acronym CART has been around for about 22 years, roughly. And it is an awkward term, not easily google-able!

In fact, it might be time to change it – yet oh my – not easy to do. CART was “invented” around the same time by a few curious and wonderful folks, to find a way for people with hearing loss (deaf, deafened, and those with hearing loss) to communicate together – to communicate with the world, having ears that were not working. They were not dumb, daft, nor deficient! And like many millions of others, they did not use sign language.

Many among millions with hearing loss do not use sign language, their families, friends and co-workers do not use sign languages, contrary to some common views about “deafness” and “hearing loss.”  Especially with serious acquired hearing loss (and hearing loss is often progressive over the lifespan), another communication “method” was needed.

CART stands for Communication Access Real time Translation, though some call it all sorts of other things, e.g. real time transcription, computer assisted, and so forth.

What is it? If you don’t know, please ask in a comment here, read the CCAC website, comment and/or join the CCAC immediately 🙂 We’ll look for you there in the CCAC membership, and welcome discussions.

Half in jest, yet seriously- many of us call it “real time speech to text” now – or “real time captioning” yet those terms do not quite capture the special significance of CART as many of us know it, love it,  need it, and deserve it for full equal communication access.

CART is quality real-time professional translation (interpretation of speech into immediate verbatim text) – for millions of us, it’s our best language.  It’s created by a qualified professional, and displayed on a computer screen now, or projected onto a large audience screen, or both, either at the site, or “remotely” over the internet. Try it, you’ll like it!


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