Captioning Collaborative for Communication Access

January 6, 2011 Comments Off on Captioning Collaborative for Communication Access

The word “caption,” or captioning, is more sexy than many realize! :-).

It’s a thing, a creation, a tag, a category, a verb and a noun. Caption has several meanings. It’s natural, visual, and can grab you from anyplace. It’s the word, the text, the sentence or the whole article….

It symbolizes communication itself. It’s the language for millions who do not communicate with clear sounds (understanding of speech is blurred, or production of speech is not clear), and more, many more.

Our logo, the blue “caption” box with the CCAC acronym is calling to you. Build bridges with us, for inclusion of quality captioning universally.

In fact, none of the following “definitions” do it justice!

Definitions of caption on the Web:


CACC’s name is Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning….or should it beome….Captioning Collaborative for Communication Access?



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