Captioning Conference? Who’s interested?

January 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

Wonder if anyone knows about any “captioning conference” to happen anyplace, anytime during 2011? Captioning is often a piece of many other conferences, yet we’re thinking a Conference all about Captioning.

Captioning, CART, quality real time speech to text, broadcast and web captioning, entertainment captioning, captioning needed in education,  transportation, government, healthcare, and more places of everyday life.

Who’s interested? A collection of captioning companies? Can they collaborate?

A collection of professional independent captioners? They are all great folks as far as we can tell.

A collection of “deaf, hearing, and communication” associations? Each does its own annual conference now, yet maybe?

A collection of consumers and providers, all volunteers? Like the CCAC? How to find collaborators, vendors, resources to plan this for 2011 or 2012 ? A good team can do this! Talk to us if you have ideas and ways to make it happen. Or just ideas 🙂

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  • Eddie Runyon says:

    Hi! Not a “captioning conference” per se, but the HLAA chapter in Kentucky is having an event next Monday (1/24/11) to promote captioning on TV, especially for accuracy and more live captioning (weather, etc). I will be posting it to the CCAC email and also on my blog later today (Thumpaflash on Deafread). 🙂

  • ccacblog says:

    Hi Eddie- good to see your voice here!
    Your advocacy efforts in Kentucky continue to be great; yes please – let the whole larger CCAC membership know about this too.
    As this Blog cited today, captioning is mentioned, reviewed, looked at, in many ways, at many conferences (and why does it seem to be even more mentioned than one year ago; the time is now, and the CCAC is here too :-). We owe a lot to all the long established groups, e.g. HLAA itself – the national association with so many active chapters and members too.
    A national or even international Conference with the one theme – from all the important angles – might be the next idea.
    By the way, send me an email with your blog address, and if you can, if it fits, please add the Blue CCAC Logo and tag line to your blog or website too – with a link to – many on our Blogroll here to the right are doing this as a public service.

    CCAC – all volunteers – building bridges – using captioning, our “ramp” for equal communication access

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