Captioning Conferences – Equal Communication Access

January 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Conferences are often essential for our employment and professional development, networking, and more.

The way we read this article, it endorses equal communication access for all. Your point of view?


§ 2 Responses to Captioning Conferences – Equal Communication Access

  • This is an interesting consequence of the Cinemark case. Last year I found myself staying in a hotel with no access to subtitles on the TV and felt quite frustrated. I think conference facilities should be able to handle access requests for any disability – whatever it may be.

    Away from captioning, just for some humour – when the check in staff at a hotel ask me if I would like a wake up call I always tell them its pointless the telephone won’t wake me up (or any normal alarm clock for that matter). Knowing this I always take a ‘shake awake’ travel alarm clock with me. But according to the ADA – should all hotels have an alternative alarm clock available for customers like me? How far does the access go? I think that most customers in this example would have their own solutions.

    • ccacblog says:

      we think – not sure – that many hotels offer a flashing “alarm” signal from the telephone which serves many (instead of sound, flashing light at the requested wake up time)….

      with many in the world using mobiles these days, perhaps there’s the vibration setting to put under the pillow from that? just an idea, and this all depends on the depth of our hearing loss, and our sleep :-).

      re conferences – hope this is a developing thread – it’s an important need as many reading know.

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