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January 24, 2011 Comments Off on Captioning Communities

The CCAC membership – the group called the Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning –  is a real community online. Check out free membership via our website.

Joining the CCAC benefits all captioning causes nationwide and internationally, as we collaborate more and more during year two of the CCAC, all volunteers.

And what about blogs? Blogs are fun and informative. More or less “editorial newspapers” online. How would you describe a blog? They do not seem like communities, yet are open to interactions in good other ways. Have a look at our blogroll (list of blogs we read and participate in from time to time, to the right side of this page).

Just added this one:

Yours? We list those who mention the ccacblog on their blogroll, or link to our website via the blue CCAC logo from their website.

You? Get in touch:


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