Social Media: Connections or Aloneness?

January 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

Reading about “social media” continues to fascinate many of us, as has all internet communications for many years now.

Here is a report in “Slate” which also mentions a new book by Sherry Turkle, one of the first pioneers in all this study of using the internet and effects of it all:

Do you agree with the article? We think it raises quite a few good points. Seriously.

At the same time, the internet, social media, and whatever the next popular cyberspace entities are going to be, it’s here to stay. As we say in different places, life is all about communications and relationships, so we’ll continue reading.  AND –

For deaf and people with hearing loss – we suggest a very important exception to the general findings in the research  – how it brings us more information, more communication using TEXT of course – vital for millions of us. Research on this? Comments?


§ 3 Responses to Social Media: Connections or Aloneness?

  • deafmuse says:

    It validates Isolation, very much like the deaf community really lol… It is anti-social, because you are sitting on your own typing, not communicating face to face and really socialising. I have a neighbour who spends 7 hours a day on social sites, she claims she is socialising, meets loads of people, but really hasn’t any friends she meets outside her home at all,because she spends all her time online ! For her thanks FB exploits her and sells her information to anyone, and a prime target for ID theft, or even abuse. Most I know are thinking of deleting facebook accounts because of these threats…

  • ccacblog says:

    Hi deafmuse – have you talked to your neighbor about this? 🙂

    Like much in life, it can work both ways perhaps – e.g. we have found good connections via facebook too, and this April will meet up in person with some at a hearing loss conference in fact.

    At the same time, online communications do indeed become “addictive” for some – and some sort of self-intervention (self-awareness about this) is often suggested. Or from a good neighbor or friend.

  • deafmuse says:

    I can’t get her off the net long enough to encourage her to get a life sadly 🙂 I was e-mailed by a friend yesterday who said he was logging out of facebook too, because of real issues of privacy with it. NO wonder some are losing the ability to really communicate to other people… you can presumably be whoever you want social-wise online, not something you can do off it, so it discourages a sense of real self. The net should be an ADDITIONAL tool to socialising, not an end in itself. I don’t use any social sites, I talk to real people in real time, the thing about social site use is it doesn’t tell you the person on the other end has BO or hasn’t washed for a month 🙂

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