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January 31, 2011 § 6 Comments

Anyone know who this blogger is? Kudos to the effort.

What is Netflix response?


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  • ncmacasl says:

    Hi! It is me! did an interview with me on their website at Christmas time. Most of your answers will be there! Feel free to follow me on twitter & facebook: NCMACASL on both!

  • ncmacasl says:

    And it was I who got & to add subtitle listings to their sites. working with others, too.

  • ncmacasl1 says:

    As for Netflix’s response, they refuse to add any type of listing or searchability of subtitles to their website. They say the list is too small. No update has been announced as to when (or if) such a change in their website will happen.

    They say they will be adding more platforms “soon” (currrently subtitles are only visible on Wii, PS3, & Mac/PC Web Browsers). No specific date has been given as to when new platforms will be released. (Last rumor was that Roku would be released 1Q of 2011.) Several Platform makers would love to add subtitle capabilities to their products but they are stuck waiting for Netflix to release updated software to allow this to happen.

    Since April 2010, they have been adding Subtitles to their streaming titles at an average rate of less than 2 titles per day. No word yet on what is taking so long and why they are not speeding up the process. (The rate *has* increased in the last few months — it used to be closer to 1.25 titles per day).

    • ccacblog says:

      Okay! 🙂 – Mike C – good to have your comments.
      Think about joining in the CCAC membership also – if you have time; all volunteers, doing what we can, in many different ways, for inclusion of quality captioning universally.
      Lauren, founder of the CCAC

    • Why refuse to list just because the ‘list’ is small – then do something about that Netflix! I am grateful for people like yourself doing what companies should be doing in the first place.

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