From Super Bowl to Everyday Life – Quality Captioning

February 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

There was a lot of excitement about the announcement a few days ago – full captioning for all of the Super Bowl – all of it, including commercials and public announcements.

The reality did not quite reach that, yet kudos for everyone trying! Did everyone do their best? Can we all make noise for inclusion of quality captioning in all of everyday life?

Do we understand all the many parameters of this, from Fox News, to the Super Bowl many participants, to all the Cable and Television systems sending this out to the huge audience? For yours truly, no way to absorb all the information, and was not able to watch either (being in travels), yet others can detail the details, and for the CCAC, we remind all that in addition to Entertainment (television) and Sports (football), there are at least eight other important categories of life to make noise about. The following all need inclusion of quality captioning ASAP:




Health Care

Clubs, Community, Religious

Public Safety


Government, Citizenship

Make noise with the CCAC – see to join us today.



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