See? Captions are visual, and much more

February 9, 2011 Comments Off on See? Captions are visual, and much more

You all know the “case” for quality captioning on all Internet materials? (This means videos, yet also includes audio programs online).

Of course CCAC advocates for inclusion of quality captioning in all parts of life, yet we’re talking about online video and audio right now. Or anything anyone records for now and for the future, off line (because you may put it online one day, right?)

See? There is a huge “business” interest in this now also. With quality captioning included, all sorts of “searches” can be done to collect all sorts of good information on your video or audio program. It can be used to tell others about you, to link, connect, spread the word about your online materials. Get it?

Also, the captions can be translated into the global marketplace – translated into many, many, many other languages – there’s a marketing (business) edge to that, see?

Also – text IS visual – we see it, read it. This is why millions of us want it (when our ears do not hear speech clearly, from birth, or from hearing loss at any age). Text also serves many others who just love it, or who need it also due to different language and learning styles.

Okay, we think you “see” all the emerging good reasons to add quality captioning online now.

Quality real time speech to text is a thing of beauty – captioning is a vision of the future.



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