CCAC means Captions for Life and…

February 24, 2011 Comments Off on CCAC means Captions for Life and…

The CCAC is not a deaf nor a hearing loss organization. CCAC advocates for inclusion of quality captioning universally – all the time, in all places needed.

Captions are a visual language. Text is useful (useful? whoa – it’s totally essential!) for many important modern life requirements:

a -to have a transcript,

b -for translations,

c -for global communications,

d -for research, knowledge-building, and record-keeping,

e. for people who need text due to different learning styles,

f. and…right…for millions of people globally with hearing loss and deafness who use captioning as their primary ramp for equal communication access (real time speech-to-text).

More reasons? Talk to us.


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