Ladies Lunch & wishing for captions!

March 1, 2011 Comments Off on Ladies Lunch & wishing for captions!

Do you all know what it feels like to lunch with 7 others who are all talking, eating, and drinking, in a nice restaurant with other tables there too?

When you are deafened? (Or have a hearing loss of any sort, the 30 million of us or more in the USA alone)?

Heck, unless you have my kind of hearing loss (for speech frequencies), you have no idea.

One kind person was apparently very interested in hearing loss. She was my angel at lunch. You can imagine how tired I am right now, after lunch :-).

Buzz, boom, cacophony! Yet one (me and you) we do this, right? Would be dangerous not to try.

Seclusion is unhealthy. Why put this out in the CCAC blog? For fun, and to look forward to the day we can hold our mobile in the restaurant, and “read” each of those lovely voices all around us.

Technology gurus reading? Get cracking.


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