Captioning and CART in all Schools

March 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

How about full equal communication access for all students everywhere?

Quality real time speech to text is our “ramp” for inclusion, participation, giving back too.

How about inclusion of captioning on all teaching materials, on all levels of education and training?

How about inclusion of CART for anyone who requests this (who requires it for effective communication) for classroom presentations, for the teachers teaching, for discussions with other students, for conferences, and more?

Budget struggles are real. People are real. Short-sighted to eliminate resources and schools that many need. The end cost will be greater.


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  • ccacblog says:

    PS: The CCAC was created and is doing a good job to advocate for inclusion of quality captioning universally. Read our website,

    The CCAC is the only group that focuses only on a huge need for inclusion of captioning where none exists now (and way beyond movies and television). While this is vitally important for people who are deaf, deafened, or have a hearing loss, inclusion of captioning serves a bunch of other important needs and other people also (e.g. learning to read, learning new languages, translation, global exchange, and more).

    The CCAC applauds the good work of all other groups who advocate for different resources, e.g. the NAD, and several other groups, do splendid jobs to advocate for ASL.

    Most people with hearing loss, or who are deafened or deaf, do not use sign language. Too often, when they ask for CART, essential and effective communication for them, they are told something like this: “Sorry, we can offer you ASL only.”

    What? We are people too. We need a much stronger voice, loudly, all over the place, to advocate for inclusion of captioning, and to explain what millions of us need. Join us if you support the CCAC mission and focus.

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