Join CCAC now – Free – Strength in numbers!

March 8, 2011 Comments Off on Join CCAC now – Free – Strength in numbers!

CCAC needs you. It’s the only captioning advocacy group of its kind, anyplace. We are all volunteers. The time is now.  CCAC membership is going to stay free. Help us network and join us now.  Become a bridge between the CCAC and your local groups too.

CCAC has a focus on captioning advocacy, nothing else. We collaborate with so many other groups, your groups, our groups.  CCAC is a captioning advocacy community. It is not a deaf or hearing loss association, though of course we are inspired by all those great organizations!

Captioning inclusion has come a long way in the past years, even in the one year that CCAC has been “alive.” We have a lot more to do, with you and your other groups.  Membership in the CCAC does not conflict with membership in other groups for people who are deaf, have a hearing loss, share concerns about communication, technology, literacy, languages, and different learning methods.

CCAC builds bridges and welcomes all as individual members in the CCAC.

CCAC is not selling anything, it’s not a business. CCAC is an energetic membership of “consumers” and “providers” and “supporters” – hearing, or not, deaf or not – all donating time to advocate and educate because the need is so large.

CCAC has much to do to accomplish the mission, and to continue the building blocks for the organization itself. Come aboard. It’s going to be very worthwhile!

. CCAC will accomplish a lot more, with more members. Our social media presence is great with so many hundreds of friends and followers. Membership in the CCAC is better, if we want to make change happen.

We all deserve quality captioning in all the places we need it – at work, in school, in health care, in all entertainments, and so many more places.


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