Spring into Captioning!

March 22, 2011 Comments Off on Spring into Captioning!

We welcome Spring this week! So much of life is beautiful and visual – so lucky we can use our eyes to absorb the glorious blue sky, all the flowers in orange, red, blue, yellow and brilliant other colors; so fortunate to absorb the aroma of fresh cut grass, wind in the higher hills; grateful for our legs which move us around, up the cobbled streets, down the steep stairs.

If only there were captioning included for the special lecture at the library tonight; for the theater performance during “Spring Arts Festival” in the next town; for the Museum tour, for the video online that we’d love to enjoy; for the class in language learning that we require for our travels; for so much in life that we can share with others….

Make noise for the CCAC Mission. Join soon! http://www.ccacaptioning.org is the place to submit the membership form online and read a lot more. We look forward to talking with you in the membership forum online too.


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