Time to Fortify these Words: Captions & Captioning

April 17, 2011 Comments Off on Time to Fortify these Words: Captions & Captioning

Let’s start with the following letter (by another) which is confrontational, yet no less so than the perspective it critiques which was in the news nationally (again) a few days ago.


Hear this: there is no one sort of “deafness” nor one sort of “deaf” person. Millions of us speak, do not use sign language, and do not want others to “speak for us” any longer.

History is complex and important here. Yet the future is equally if not more important for us.

We are diverse, we need many different resources because “communication” is like no other disability – it is an essential part of being, thinking, and relating to others.

Resources are diverse, and each one is valuable. Problem for us is that “captioning” is not yet respected and not included universally as it must be. Many other resources get more “hype” so we need to fortify the words “caption” and “captioning” – they are not yet powerful enough. 

The time is now to get this right for millions of citizens globally who are deaf, deafened or have a hearing loss.

Hope all this is clear?


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