Many Advantages for Captioning and CART – see here!

April 19, 2011 Comments Off on Many Advantages for Captioning and CART – see here!

We’re going to tell you about all the positives derived from CART (real time captioning) in education or at work, due to having the “transcript” – there is always a transcript afterward, either rough or edited for perfection :-). From two who have great experience, come these words of wisdom:

From a CART provider, and from an Outreach Specialist/Education, regarding having the transcript, Make a note of these for all your advocacy:

“As a CART provider, I can tell you that we have seen big business post transcripts in ‘electronic workrooms,’ we have seen professors use them as they prepare to author books, we have even had some schools sell them.  This is in addition to copies to the student using the service.  There really is no pattern to the distribution. …while they are primarily used for accessibility, various uses might be a positive by-product when talking with your administration.  Posting them makes you unique, gives your school additional exposure, and can be an assistance to the professorial staff.  All positives…”

And from an educational Outreach Worker, about Providing Hard-copy Texts of Classroom Lectures: 

“Transcripts of lectures can be used as complete classroom notes, preserving the entire lecture and all students’ comments for subsequent review by deaf and hard of hearing students taking the course.

  • Instructors may welcome the transcripts as a way of tightening their lectures and reviewing their students’ questions and comments.
  • Transcripts can be of value in tutoring deaf and hard of hearing students, enabling tutors to organize tutoring sessions in close accord with course content.
  • Interpreters can use the transcripts to improve their signing of course-specific words and expressions.

CCAC says, “Quality Captioning Inclusion Universally, why not?!” Join now. Comments welcome.


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