Fertile season for new technologies: hear this all tech companies

April 25, 2011 Comments Off on Fertile season for new technologies: hear this all tech companies

Early Sunday in my town was cold and wet. The warmth of the people who got up early for the cloudy sunrise service was over-abundant compensation however. And the sun did shine later in the day!

There was no captioning for the outdoor early morning service of course. Yet we each held a piece of paper for the songs and readings. Most there were able to hear the strong and well-projected voice of the minister. We were happy to be next to good neighbors of all ages.

Following the service, there was a delicious and more abundant breakfast for all. In that large room, with many voices, yours truly could not hear the person so close to me across the table. What sort of solution would be possible in this setting? Captioning?

Yes…it’s possible, one of these days, when the world learns how important and healthy it is for so many. This community vignette is one example of a much broader and larger need. It also says why the efforts of CCAC member volunteers to educate more folks about the need for inclusion of CART and captioning is significant. See this page again on our website (https://sites.google.com/site/ccacgroup/articles-resources/why-cart-in-clubs-and-church)

Our society (federal and state governments) contribute funds for many sorts of resources for inclusion of all. Communication access via captioning is equally urgent.

Money is tight, we all know this. Yet just imagine, just imagine! how beneficial for so many it will become when technology can deliver to us, for millions who cannot hear clearly in group situations, a handheld speech-to-text system of high quality, and at no cost to those who deserve it (like the original older “TTY” telephones). This can be provided by skilled human captioners, since no automatic system functions well enough yet (in spite of some hype out there). We’ve been told for years that the automatic systems are coming along (by technology companies), and if so, much too slow.

Telegraph, telephone, wireless, and the Internet – all were partially inspired by hearing concerns (hearing loss issues). Now we have mobiles, droids, ipods, and next generation technologies soon to be marketed to all.  Please add your voice,  join ,with us to explain how important quality captioning inclusion is – we’ll be turned on and tuned it, with your understanding.

For such a device to work for many of us in rural areas, the venue must have a good internet connection and also a good mobile connection – not there yet!  Meanwhile, in this season of new beginnings, the daffodils in northern states are opening, the forsythia stalks are cut and placed in the vase to “force” the blossoms indoors. Step by step, we’ll keep trying to make the captioning garden grow. Many are waiting.


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