CCAC Letter to MSNBC, Thank You for Captions

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April 27,

To the Media/Communication Division of,

The Collaborative for Communication Access Via Captioning (CCAC) is an expanding grassroots group of individuals and other organizations working to educate and advocate for inclusion of quality captioning universally. Captioning includes CART (Communication Access Real Time Translation)  which is needed by many with hearing loss and deafness (millions do not use sign language at all), and used by many others also (for literacy, learning languages, and more).

The CCAC wishes to thank you for being one of the first Internet news websites to offer subtitles of selected videos. We hope to see this expand also so that all videos online include quality captioning soon.

With about 36 million people in the USA alone with hearing loss and deafness (and so many more globally who watch materials online also), inclusion of captioning or subtitles is very much needed. With inclusion of captionoing, millions more can access so many videos, podcasts, webcasts, and new materials that saturate the information highway.  The need is so great that the 21st Century Communication and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 was passed, requiring the captioning of some Internet audio contents (yet not enough).

CCAC invites you, MSNBC, to think about ways that you and the CCAC can approach all media online most effectively, to educate and advocate more, so that the Internet becomes accessible for all. MSNBC is a trailblazer here, and we hope others follow.

Best regards,
Angela and Lauren
This letter will be shared with CCAC membership and social media. If your company has ideas for ways to support the development of the CCAC, please send them along. We look forward to your interest.

NB: CCAC encourages collaborations with all other groups, organizations, and companies that support the CCAC mission and goals, see  For example, one of the CCAC members signing this letter, learned about inclusion of subtitles on  from another online resource (bhNEWS, Better Hearing News online, go to:

(If above link does not open well from this site, please copy it and open in a new tab/browser on your maching; it’s a yahoogroup online.)


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