“CCAC: the Place to Be for Captioning Advocacy”

May 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

Hear this — “CCAC is the place to be for captioning advocacy.”

This new lingo from a CCAC member today who knows a lot about the topic!

We like this. Also added this: “CCAC is connecting the dots, bringing together people and groups who need this place to talk and collaborate. It’s like nothing available anywhere else.” 

We like that too. It’s true! CCAC Members’ Forum online is building bridges and collaborations with so many good individuals and other groups too. You and your groups (technology companies, non-profits, deaf and hoh groups, disability organizations, and any others who want to “befriend” the CCAC by joining us) are invited. Adding your name shows you encourage and support the CCAC mission, no cost to anyone and nothing else required.  The CCAC mission is to advocate for inclusion of quality captioning universally.

In the future, as the CCAC develops, if you are interested, you will have the opportunity to participate and shape CCAC projects. Up to you. See the CCAC web for our goals and much more information. Email with any questions: ccacaptioning@gmail.com

CCAC, all volunteers, maintains a lively and meaningful members’ forum online, and welcomes information from all, member or not, about other captioning advocacy projects. Current CCAC discussions about theater captioning inclusion, movie captioning, and much more.

There are some well know individuals doing a lot of good (Marlee and more!), and groups too (ALDA, COAT, and more!). CCAC is a Group effort – fascinating and energizing for all who want to join and learn more together, inspire others, and accomplish this mission for millions.


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  • Victor says:

    Lack of money tends to keep me away from $10, 15, 20 dollar theater tickets.

    I don’t believe the glasses have been well-publicized. After all, if too many people ask for accomodation the theater might be forced to hire an additional person for each shift to assist. We CAN’T DO THAT!

    It’s up to us, the community, to share the information of where glasses are available.

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