CCAC says, “Captioning sends the message.”

May 3, 2011 Comments Off on CCAC says, “Captioning sends the message.”

There’s a lot happening in captioning inclusion these days. We hope this trend continues and branches into all situations where quality captioning is needed.

For example, movie theaters are listening to advocates now, even if it takes a lawsuit; television is getting the message about needs for quality improvements; theaters and sports stadiums are learning a lot more; schools tell us that captioning is requested and provided, more and more; in employment, we look forward to results from various efforts by others in many places for expanded employment for people with disabilities, and hope all understand that quality speech-to-text translation is needed by many, in timely ways.

Who can add to this optimism and enthusiasm? We’d love to hear from you in the CCAC. Added activities in CCAC membership include the following: CCAC members contacting many “news” broadcasters online about the need for captioning, CCAC members developing new captioning services for videos online, and more. We collaborate, build bridges, keep the captioning issue in front of your eyes as best we can :-).


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