CCAC learns more about Hands and Voices

May 9, 2011 Comments Off on CCAC learns more about Hands and Voices

This article could have been written by a “late-deafened” person also – check it out. (And since so many get confused about the phrase, “late-deafened” – it means losing hearing at any age after learning to speak; many are children also, late-deafened people are all ages.) .

And then we learned more here:, where the emphasis on communication is great.

May many more individuals and groups, via their children, parents, or their own experiences of hearing loss and deafness, find voice for their needs and perspectives.

Hands and Voices might like the CCAC also :-). As another worthy group says – “Whatever works.”

Why we all need to convince others that our chosen form of communication is worthy, why we need to fight for “respect” for new technologies and inclusion of full quality captioning as our language (for those who do not choose sign language) is…well…making me throw my hands up at times! 🙂

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