Sports Access – Captioning Inclusion Brings them In!

May 28, 2011 Comments Off on Sports Access – Captioning Inclusion Brings them In!

Guest Blog from OR-CAP:

Since January 2009, Oregon Communication Access Project (OR-CAP) and

HLA-Lane County, Oregon, have advocated for open captioning on a

display board in the line of sight (“banner captioning”) at Matthew
Knight Arena (Matt Court), the new basketball arena at the University
of Oregon.   Matt Court is just one of the University of Oregon venues
where we hope to get full accessibility for people who are Hard of
Hearing or Deaf.  Not until recently, though, did the University
Athletic Department show any indication of movement in that direction
even though when we started this effort before ground-breaking had

On Tuesday, May 24, 2011 members of OR-CAP, HLA-Lane County, OR-CAP’s
counsel John Waldo and other interested people who hear normally or
are Deaf and Hard of Hearing  met with the U of O Athletic Department
to discuss the situation and make clear the conditions of Title II of
the ADA that apply to the University as a public institution.  As a
result, the Athletic Department agreed to work with OR-CAP to
determine the methods captions will be provided most effectively the
various kinds of events held in Matt Court.

The University has not resisted providing accommodations for Hard of
Hearing and Deaf but has resisted providing captions in the manner
Hard of Hearing and Deaf consumers prefer (cf.ADA Title II).  To date
captions have been delivered, when they have been provided, using
handheld captioning receivers in spite of the fact that OR-CAP and HLA-
Lane County members tested the handheld caption receivers and found
them ineffective.  For that reason, we are asking people to support
our effort to obtain banner captions where appropriate by signing our
online petition at:
as we continue to resist the University’s preference for handheld
caption receivers.

Please note that we are not just interested in getting captions, and
captions as preferred by Hard of Hearing and Deaf consumers, at Matt
Court.  We expect that our work with the University on Matt Court will
be continued at other University of Oregon venues.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to get more background
information please let me know at  If you know
others who you think would like to consider signing this petition,
please feel free to forward this email to them.

Thanks for your support!
Clark Anderson

From the CCAC founder: We thanks Clark for being our 2nd Guest Blogger! Way to go Oregon!


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