Think you know what deaf means? Think again…

June 8, 2011 § 1 Comment

The word DEAF is one of the most confusing, variable, and misunderstood words in any language.  This results in a huge loss for all our societies. To reduce the stigma associated with the word, to increase understanding, and to enrich all people all our societies – deaf or not, hearing or not – and all in-between –let’s talk about this more.

For ALL people in the world (millions and millions) of all ages who are deaf, deafened, and have a hearing loss (we are labeled with all those words, plus some say Deaf with a big D also), deaf and the terms “hard of hearing” and also “hearing impaired” mean as many things as there are audiograms for us.

We are all different in terms of which frequencies we can hear and the level of our hearing, from zero to higher levels for some frequencies, not others. We are different if our ears and the internal workings are the same, or very different.

We are different in terms of our choices for communications (most of us have choices). Communication is half of life, or more.

And we are different in terms of what sort and what kind of educational, employment and social openings were made for us. And that we asked for, that we knew about, that we knew we could ask for; and the expectations of others and their ability to listen to our life stories.

To learn more about audiograms, look it up online :-).

Think you know what deaf means in the modern world? Think again. It’s not defined by sign language.

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  • theholism says:

    Thank you for posting this. This is extremely important because so many deaf people seem to forget the first definition of ‘deaf’ in these so-called scholar dictionaries.

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