Is there a Clark Gable out there for CCAC?

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Frankly, we give a damn – about inclusion of quality captioning universally. This means in all places it’s needed, everyday – Internet media, TV, Movies, Theaters and so much more than entertainment too – for education, employment, transportation, healthcare, government, courts, emergency response, and much more!

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Do you know a modern Clark Gable? Tell him we want to talk! 🙂


Captioners are human -we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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Double Delights of Caption Inclusion

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Double delights:

1. Add quality Captioning to all media with Sign Language – then millions of deaf, deafened, and people with hearing loss can begin to learn some signs, and millions of hearing people too.

2. Add captioning to all media with audio – then millions of hearing people can improve languages, children can use captioning for improved literacy, people who are deaf can improve literacy, business can search online more efficiently for their markets, and – really need more reasons?


Captioning at Houses of Worship Update

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There must be more congregations needing captioning – yes? This is our current listing of places using captioning for all now, or in recent past, see below. Tell us about more please, email to, or comment here.

House of Worship
Memorial Park Church
Pittsburgh, PA
Prince of Peace Lutheran
Carrollton, Texas
Smyrna Church of Christ
Smyrna, Tennessee
Family Harvest Church
Chicago, Illinois
Southside Worship Centre
Ajax, Ontario – Canada
Chase Oaks Church
North Plano, Texas
Disciples Christian Church
Hamilton, Ohio
Faith Community Church
Alliston, Ontario – Canada
Balhannah Uniting Church
Balhannah, South Australia
Second Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
New Life Church
Milton, Ontario – Canada
Kempsville Presbyterian Church
Virginia Beach, VA
Holy Trinity R. C. Church
Hackensack, NJ
Calvary Life Church
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Word of Faith International
Detroit, Michigan
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Hermitage, Tennessee
Zia United Methodist Church
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Bethlehem Healing Temple
Boston, MA
The Temple – Judaism
Atlanta, Georgia
Olathe Bible Church
Olathe, Kansas
Houses of Worship highlighted in yellow were made known via It is
assumed that CART/captioning is still being offered.

Captioning, real-time, from the source, so to speak :-)

July 15, 2011 Comments Off on Captioning, real-time, from the source, so to speak :-)

Many reading may enjoy this transcript – it’s a rough one (not polished), and longish – okay to skim some of it – we suggest you try it – it’s got some gems of information in it, for captioning (and CART) providers, consumers, and teachers especially (e.g. acoustics and sounds in the classroom.

(With a tip of the hat to ACS which is one of several large and busy captioning companies).
Go to:,

and open the transcript. Any questions? I’ll refer you to Phil :-).

Caption, Caption, Caption – Power to Captioning & Technology

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This must have potential for millions of deaf, deafened, and people with hearing loss!
See this video:

CCAC Captioning Contest – Enter Now

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Enter the CCAC caption contest

CCAC is all about Captioning as Speech to Text. At the same time, we love all captioning! Here’s a contest to caption the puppy – with a line about why real time speech to text captioning is so vital in the modern world, for millions! Add your caption here in a comment, or find CCAC on facebook and do it there, or join the CCAC (free) soon, from the website. is the web
ccac on facebook here:

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