Power of Captioning (2)

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THE POWER OF CAPTIONING (c) – The phrase “The Power of Captioning” is copyright by the CCAC. Make a note and do not use it without mention of the CCAC, the author. Thanks.
by CCAC, August 17, 2011
An OPEN document – please send additions and suggestions to ccacaptioning@gmail.com
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For Business Needs (many of which apply at home, in school, etc.)
Increases Productivity – real time text, as well as immediate transcript, is reported to benefit hearing colleagues as well as those with different hearing needs.
Transcripts for Record-Keeping
Multi-tasking (at work and at home) to catch-up with captioned activity, while working on one or more other tasks, technologies, conversations, related.
Online captioning is useful for “Search” (for marketing, more customers,and more) – very important! All text online is searchable, all audio materials (video, etc.) must be searchble too, possible only with full quality captioning incusion
For translations to reach markets globally
Others business reasons?

For Every Day Life:
Communication Access for millions who have a hearing loss, deafness, learning language of the country, have different learning needs (ADHD, autism spectrum, other communication differences).
Literacy – all ages learning to read
Languages – bilingualism and multilingualism in the modern world
Other everyday benefits?
CCAC Categories of Life include:
Entertainments: Cinema, Radio, Internet, Video, Wifi and new technologies for communication access for all
Education – ditto (all levels, new trainings in person or online, etc.)
Employment – ditto ( maximize use of all abilities, experience, skills)
Transportation – train, ferry, taxi, bus – it can be done.
Telecommunications – large category overlapping and used in many other categories above and below.
Heath care – what is the point of patient involvement if they do not hear clearly? In person, on health videos, and mroe.
Government – good citizzenship means equal access for all to be informed and involved
Community (Clubs, Religious, More)
See CCAC web “why” douments from www.ccacaptioning.org – good articles and much information
For Audiologists and People with Hearing Aids, Implants, Accessible Technologies (aka assistive devices)::
When people first use hearing aids, Captioning inclusion helps them understand the new sounds.
Also, many of us prefer to “turn off” for an hour or more each day, too give our ears and brains a well-deserved rest, and captioning inclusion (e.g. tv, Internet videos) is a more relaxing way for us to have communication access.
For many of us with aids and implants, we depend on captioning for all conversations with 3 or more people.

Reminder: this is a public document and we invite suggestions, additions, edits from anyone reading it. Email to ccacaptioning@gmail.com


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