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August 18, 2011 § 6 Comments

If you want to copy one of our CCAC Blogs – please ask and we’ll most likely say YES, with thanks.

If you would like to share one of Your Blog posts here, send it to us! We’ll say thanks and most likely publish it. Our main topic is CAPTIONING – and other related blogs invited also.

Hear that? Want to talk? Email us now. CCACAPTIONING@GMAIL.COM



§ 6 Responses to Blog Here! & Thanks for Invite for your Blogs!

  • roselle says:

    Is anyone familiar with the discussion on linked in? It asked the members to say how they deal with attending conferences and workshops, especially where networking is critical. I don’t have the formal linkedin forum name handy but I will scoot thru and post it so you folks can chime in with information @ captioning. I believe it was mentioned but cannot recall who said what.

    Linked in is international in scope…is this?

    Greetings, btw 🙂

    • ls says:

      CCAC is international and also on linkedin. However, which linkedin forum are you referring to? There are many to do with hearing loss, deafness, disabilities, etc. Thanks! Can reply here or to


      • roselle says:

        The deaf and hard of hearing professional. Let me see if I ca get the link here…no, I copied the link to evernote but cannot copy and paste it here. Am working from android phone. If u know how to copy paste links from android phones please share.

        Have a good day

        • ls says:

          Best path is for ALL reading here, all members of CCAC and many others – to please make those comments in any other forum, venue, situation in your own community, etc. yourselves :-). With huge appreciation from the volunteers in the CCAC. For example, read our website (the homepage and the articles and resources especially) to formulate what you’d like to tell others regarding the vital inclusion of quality captioning for millions of us.

          Captioning includes 1/7 people globally with a hearing loss or deafness – so in any conference, there will be a few needing it, and many more using it. Captioning is used for learning to read, in one’s own language (children) or by many others who want to improve reading skills in another language; captioning has many benefits beyond this – see the blog post about the Power of Captioning here, and if you cannot find it, email to – thanks again!


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