Audio Challenges in Remote CART: Hear this

September 2, 2011 Comments Off on Audio Challenges in Remote CART: Hear this

From a CCAC Provider Member.

Karen is a former president of the NCRA, and does much more!  Read this:

“I am so very fortunate to be able to work from my home, providing
remote CART to people with hearing loss all over the world.  The
limitation in providing the best CART service, of course, is poor
quality audio.  Technology has made this service possible, and
technology is improving every single day.  But the weaknesses are
still many.The challenge was never more apparent than in this morning’s
assignment.  I was providing CART for a college student.  She has a
good laptop loaded with Skype and a high quality microphone.  One
microphone.  The mic was positiioned close to the professor to ensure
I could hear all of the lecture material, and it did a fantastic job.
But when students would make comments or ask questions, they were too
far from the mic to be clearly audible to me.  So I would hurry to
crank up the volume and catch all the words I could.  Almost without
fail, before I could reach that volume control again, the professor
would reply and the loudness would assault my eardrum.  People speak
casually about deafening noise.  This incredibly loud voice delivered
directly into my ears is truly a deafening noise that could damage my
hearing.  Of course, as soon as I lower the volume for the professor’s
speech level, another student will speak and I’ll miss those words.
Vicious cycle.I know I need to do a better job of protecting my hearing.  It is so
frustrating, though, for both the consumer and for me when I have to
write (inaudible) or (off microphone) when I can’t pick up the words
being spoken.  I realize that important information is being lost.

How to resolve the problem?  Students and institutions are seldom in a
position to shell out even more money for high-end microphones.  I
would hate to create another barrier to people with hearing loss
receiving CART services.  Maybe the technology will continue to
improve, and this problem will become another historical anecdote
about the evolution of CART.  Wouldn’t that be sweet!


Karen Yates, CRR, CCP, CBC, FAPR
Minden, NV 89423
(775)267-2257 (Voice)
(775)267-3652 (Fax)
(775)315-2290 (Cell/Text)


Thanks Karen! We know this is a vital issue – a second mic of good quality in any classroom seems required.


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