We The People – Government & The Power of Captions

September 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

CCAC also uses the phrase “we the people,” as do many other civil rights and human rights groups. We are citizens. Staying informed, being included, and participating is of high value.

A few CCAC members currently are interested in finding ways to have towns and cities include equal communication access in all town meetings, many of which are televised now, and online also.

Captioning inclusion for all government events is vital for 1 in 7 people in all communities (people with hearing loss or deafness), and for many more who use captioning to understand fully all the different voices in a group. Additionally, many use captioning to learn English better – a good idea too.

Is your town or city broadcasting it’s town meetings? on TV? online? with Captioning? Please tell us  – we understand that a few are doing this already, and we want to thank them. We also want to create a CCAC letter to educate and raise awareness across the country about this need.

Another valuable benefit is that Captioning inclusion provides a ready transcript of the meetings!

Cost? This cost item needs to be built into the budget of town meetings from the beginning of the fiscal year. If it’s worthwhile broadcasting government (which is a very good idea), then it’s also worth being inclusive for all.



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  • kathyelda says:

    I emailed a copy of the letter CVTV sent me just a few minutes ago. Then I signed the petition about captioning quality, and facebooked it to my wall.

    Please write letters to the Columbian newspaper opinion page! Elections are coming and those who want your votes will want to know what will get them yours!! Write to them…tell them you can’t get to all the town halls and city and county meetings but want to participate and can’t because of lack of captions. Tell them “assisted devices” are only helpful to a few, but captions help a lot more who don’t use hearing aids/cochlear implants. Be polite, firm, articulate, clear, and warn them you pay taxes and VOTE! It is your money they use for stuff…demand they listen to spend a portion of it on an ethical matter, captioning.

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