Film: Beyond Silence – Shall we talk about it?

September 7, 2011 Comments Off on Film: Beyond Silence – Shall we talk about it?

Captioning Enthusiasts,
I much enjoyed this German film last night (from 1996) – Beyond Silence.
Thank goodness for good subtitles (in English).
Have others seen it? Some of the signing was not translated (perhaps on purpose).
While it illustrates the Deaf world and the complexities of being a hearing child of two deaf parents, and at first view, is mainly “D” issues, it might serve as a fruitful discussion piece.
Anyone want to plan a film showing and discussion? …to build bridges – expand deaf studies – e.g. we might be able to use the subtitles also – as they are, for film viewing of course, and even more, to imagine captioning for all the important human beings and everyday situations in this story – the child, her parents, extended family, the teachers, etc. If you watch it, you’ll see where captioning in their real lives might have made some difference too.


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