All films and videos online must include captioning

September 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

If this is a film that includes a deaf or hoh person, include captioning – on the trailer too. Make that ALL films and all videos online.


with thanks to deaf news.


§ 3 Responses to All films and videos online must include captioning

  • MM says:

    Who is saying BSL and ASL does not REQUIRE captioning ? surely it is the hard-core signing area who raise most objection to captioning, often telling vblog makers NOT to caption as ‘Deaf don’t need it’ ? Cultural deaf are the MAIN opposition to captioned sign vids and blogs. I found out only recently that am whole hose of signed blogs were provided for deaf people about service access and provision, and not a single one contained captions or a print out. Why ? deaf said BSL signers don’t understand English or want captions. The system is being educated in non-provision for everyone else on their say-so.

    • ls says:

      Our blog was stimulated by someone, yes, prominent in deaf culture, who asked that vlogs do not use open captioning, but use instead closed captioning. They did not say no captioning – important.

      And the reasoning was understandable, only up to a point – that both languages in one video was disorientating – not able to do both at the same time. Therefore, our suggestion to focus on one language only – the choice of the viewer. It can be done. We want open captioning for many reasons listed.

      We agree with you that the influence of sign language users often creates serious dilemmas for us (millions of us) who do not use sign language, also for others who insist that the language of the country (e.g. English) is very important if not primary, etc. It’s very difficult to explore how excluded many of we “deaf also” feel when there is no inclusion of quality captioning.

      Closed captioning is not useful for us for many situations, e.g. entertainments (cinema) and so much more, e.g. hospitals, airports, schools! and so many places where videos are playing all the time and no one knows how to turn on the captioning, in spite of laws which support our needs and rights.

  • MM says:

    If an vblog goes to youtube (Signed), then why aren’t the captions accessible via the ‘CC’ option (I mean proper captions not the farce it is now), this would appease the signer yet give us all an in to what is being said, at present it is an elitist system that appears to not WANT access given to other people. These people never suggest when asking for access, “Please can you include captions too ?” as such the system is assuming (A) We all sign and (B) we all do not need captions. Mostly it is ISOLATING the deaf signer whose whole view and audience is totally restricted to those that sign too. It is also utilised to prevent people NOT knowing what they say about others. Yes non-signers should offer access too, but who can they respond to ? we don’t KNOW what they are saying. Take care we don’t ALL lose all will or interest, then awareness is dead.

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