Employment: Captioning Works!

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For October and Employment of people with disabilities month, see this now:


CCAC says work is healthy!

Guest Blogger – Captions needed even with Implants

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Many CCAC members report using television (and other) captioning even with implants. Implants and other new technologies help many to improve communications, yet captioning still needed for full inclusion. Here’s a view from a member in Australia:

“Here’s a link to part of the 2011 annual report of Cochlear (in Australia):


Surely there’s captions provided by a company that’s whole mission is meant to be based on an understanding of deafness and hearing loss?

Maybe I’ve missed out because I use Apple products (and it does works on a PC) but I get incredibly, incredibly discouraged when companies that make money from hearing loss make these sort of “mistakes”.

Note: I’ve actually been speaking to a number of cochlear implantees over the past few days and there’s an overwhelming majority who still prefer to watch TV and the like with captions (notwithstanding the fact they’re happy with their CI).

I really hope that I’m wrong about the link above and that the company (which generated $180 million Net Profit after Tax has done the right thing.

Finally, a lot of the advocacy struggles and time consuming frustrations we deal with as a group – vis-a-vis lack of captioning in our daily lives could be eliminated far more rapidly if there was strong support from a company like Cochlear in this area (but I’m not sure it’s been fully investigated by others?)

It certainly seems an obvious benefactor, lobbyist and supporter to me. So what am I missing?

Cheers for now,
Michael Lockrey”


CART (Realtime Captioning) and PowerPoint on One Screen

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Thanks to Alan Peacock, CART Professional:

Thank You GU!

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Thanks to Dr. T. Allan Hurwitz and GU for including this message in testimony this week for the Senate —>>>first technology mentioned is CART.

Unable to copy the document here: go to page 27 of this file: http://help.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Hurwitz.pdf

If that does not open for you, find the document here: http://help.senate.gov/hearings/hearing/?id=ceab647d-5056-9502-5d20-692bc716cd55

October: Disability Employment Month

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October Proclamation and Important Message, with Captions.

The word disability is broad – e.g. 36 million Americans, or more, with hearing loss and deafness “count” among many more, all ages. Resources for employment, during employment, vitally needed for all, e.g. captioning inclusion and real time (CART, STTR, etc.). Let’s get the job done, not move backwards.

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