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November 27, 2011 Comments Off on Subscribe to this CCAC Blog for Captioning Advocacy!

We hope everyone knows how to SUBSCRIBE to this blog – more important than ever before as the CCAC approaches the end of two years of wonderful activity across many online media.  If you don’t know a lot about the CCAC yet, it’s time to subscribe now and enjoy captioning advocacy ideas, information, and action with us!

CCAC has over 400 members and about 2000 on three social media. Folks are eager for more inclusion of quality captioning universally (the CCAC mission).

To subscribe now, go down along the left side of the page here to find where it says “Email Subscription” – click on that and you are subscribed. You will get an email (sent to whatever email identity you use when you subscribe). If you use more than one email address routinely, subscribe for all of them, fine with us :-).

Also, COMMENTS to all future postings are very important. Please take a minute or two to tel us if you like the blog news, and/or your questions, comments and suggestions. (Polite language is required!)

The CCAC is a membership community (you can join us also, please do, not in the blog here, yet very easy to do by going to our website and clicking on the “join” link there – go to  CCAC has free membership for individuals and groups. As a CCAC member, you will receive news and information about captioning and captioning advocacy via emails during the year, and advance notice about other CCAC events and activities. Membership also means that you are eligible to request a free hour of captioning or CART service from a CCAC provider member (if it fits for both, with timely planning). 

SUBSCRIBE now – enjoy the Blog, tell us about your captioning advocacy, small or larger, all sorts, and submit a guest blog to us anytime via email to



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