GOVERNMENT With Captioning: Minnesota

December 7, 2011 Comments Off on GOVERNMENT With Captioning: Minnesota

CCAC members and others believe that Government is “we the people” – and any government matters, meetings, broadcasts, and voting information (plus all related) needs to include quality captioning – realtime and online.

As the election season heats up (when is it not in season?) in many countries, politicians of all stripes, governments of all sizes (local, state, national, and federal) are advised to aim to include full quality captioning (subtitles or for your speeches). Your next voter may depend on it, and may vote against you if you are not aware of these needs.

For example, here’s a clip online from Minnesota. We applaud them for inclusion of cc! Even though we read it’s not in sync very well, it’s one line at a time only, it’s not perfect. Okay! When so many places are not even trying yet, we say again – hoorah Minnesota!

Check out the video above. We had to try 3 times to “click” on the captions, and eventually they showed for us. It may just be a matter of our computer connection

CCAC is a captioning advocacy network – all volunteers – and aiming to see inclusion of captioning where none exists now in too many places.

We understand and send thanks also to all those working on improvements, on developing standards, and on doing research and business to make it all better and better :-).


p.s. As we aim to build readers and comments on this CCAC blog, we will label each post that pertains to a CCAC cap (captioning advocacy project) or a CCAC captioning interest with one of the CCAC “categories of life” that we define on our website. Our members are interested in these main CCAC categories of life for captioning inclusion:

Education and Training




Health Care


Public Safety and Preparedness


Courts and Justice

Community (Clubs, Religious, etc.)

Sports and Recreation


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