EDUCATION: Please watch this video!

December 18, 2011 § 6 Comments

Ever doubt what a motivated deaf/hoh/deafened person can do? Watch this! Remote real time captioning (CART) is so needed in so many places by so many people. Thanks for this video, Amanda, UC Davis Medical School, faculty, and all there. With the right resources, we are able!


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  • Fascinating! Are there also tech solutions for textually/visually rendering what non-deaf physicians hear with a stethoscope, for instance?

  • Another really good resource for information is the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses (AMPHL) at .

    • ls says:

      Hello Marcia,
      yes, there are two or more good “medical” groups for information and support, the one you mention, and the one in the uk which I find very welcoming! see their web and their forum is wonderful:

      PepNET is pretty terrific too :-),

  • kim says:

    What a great motivational story for deaf people everywhere. The ADA is working in our public institutions. That this young woman was able to research a possible accommodation for the operating room and present her case for it, and that UC Davis followed through instead of denying her the accommodation she needed is a testament to those who keep an open mind about the disabled everywhere. She is obviously a bright young woman. The challenges she has faced have only made her more determined to succeed!

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