The Power of Captioning (c) is All Around Us

March 8, 2012 Comments Off on The Power of Captioning (c) is All Around Us

Inclusion of quality captioning does not only mean for cinema, for videos online, for entertainments. It means accurate and real-time speech- to- text translation for real life.

For examples:

a. A political candidate is giving a speech or fund-raiser in your region. Is CART included? If not, why not? Read the first issue of the CCAC newsletter, article one, about the many important benefits of captioning inclusion. We also vote! 🙂

b. A community center is having a holiday event, with a speaker and question session. Is CART included? If not, why not?

c. You visit your medical center for an important meeting, and/or, consultation with a specialist, who gives you a disc to take home with you. Does it play with captions included? If not, why not?

One of the reasons “why not” is that SO many people who are deaf, deafened, or have hearing loss, do not even know what CART is.

Another reason is that not enough who need it, ask for it.

Another reason is that people think it costs too much. A pity this excuse. What does it cost to furnish a room with comfortable furniture? To pay for a political ad on television these days?  To build a new school? or even to add a decent bathroom?! Life costs. Build in access.

If you missed issue one, a special format for the launch issue, here it is (there are a few typos, e.g the email address for the CCAC is this:


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