Where Are You Using CART? Delivering it?

April 3, 2012 § 1 Comment


Know what CART is?

Real time captioning – on site – for you – where and when you need it – to be included, to understand what everyone is saying.

It’s done by a professional – not done by the machine :-).

There is a machine – yet the provider’s training goes beyond typing – way beyond – with a steno machine – plus added skills.

Those using it (at work, in school, at meetings, at conferences) don’t shout about it enough. Talk to us soon.


CART = communication access real time translation

CART is described by others as transcription, interpreting, computer-assisted, and more.

CART is called STTR in the UK (speech to text reporting).

CART is an awkward acronym – under discussion in a few places.

CART is the service name now for modifications and newer systems also (e.g. some re-speaking systems, even computer generated text). This is controversial.

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§ One Response to Where Are You Using CART? Delivering it?

  • Dan Schwartz says:

    What we need is a 60 second YouTube video explaining what CART actually is, along with a demonstration, so that when we ask for CART at a venue (say, for a comedy performance), we can say “See this short video explaining what it is, and who to contact to get the service.”

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