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April 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

We are so happy to see this French subtitled news today!
Many of the videos and information shared online by some “deaf” groups do not include captioning yet. We always suggest inclusion of quality captioning (subtitles/sous-titres) is a very good idea!

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  • Great! It’s just a pity that they chose Open Captioning instead of the closed captioning available on YouTube. Had they used closed captioning, there would also be an automatically generated interactive transcript beneath the video player, making it easier for all to retrieve a given passage. And users could have requested the automatic translation of the closed captions.
    Moreover, it’s easier to correct a transcript mistake with closed captions: you just edit the text file and reupload it, and the URL for the video remains the same. Whereas if you have to do that with open captions, you must use a video editing software, then reupload the whole corrected video, and therefore its URL changes.

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