All Videos Need Captioning!

April 15, 2012 Comments Off on All Videos Need Captioning!

Today we put a video on Amara (formerly Universal Subs) for the first time! What do you all think of this one?


When a deaf person mentioned it might not need captioning, we just did not agree.

We placed it on the volunteer captioning site of Amara (also a company selling services), and it now says English captioning “in progress” – well..hmm..wonder who is doing this. Looking forward to being able to watch it again, understand, and be included.

Check it out here:

Join the CCAC – where you belong if you support the mission – advocacy for inclusion of quality captioning universally. has the membership forms.

CCAC is hundreds of advocates!  We are consumers, providers, and others. CCAC does not sell anything.  Sometimes our volunteers also provide captioning, it depends, it’s part of education and advocacy needed in so many places. We call our advocacy CAPs – CCAC captioning advocacy projects. Get involved soon.

CCAC also invites donors and advertisers.  Support us, you are worth it!




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